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Thank you Holland for giving me so many precious memories in my life. I won't ever forget all the memories. I will keep it safe in my heart.

5 Nov 2009 - 5 Nov 2014

“The scariest thing about distance is that you don’t know whether they’ll miss you or forget you.”

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Something that i had never expected

Helloooo readers.. Assalamualaikum :)

Lately ni im so happy.. Happy.. Happy cuz i met a new brother.. He is on the second place on my beloved brother's list. The first one is ofcourse Max 24:7.. :')

# Abang jangan kecik hati eh klu amani letak Max no 1..tapi ttp syg abg :)

Syukur and thanx to Allah cuz temukan sye dgn dia.. I had never expected that we are going close lika a real siblings.. Ohmyyy Im so glad :)

Things that i had never expected on him is :

  • Friendly guy.
  • Be my friend and follow me on my twitter.
  • Gonna approve me on facebook.
  • Talk to him.
  • Being close with him.
  • Be his little sister.
  • And be the one who makes his day brighter.
  • See him via Skype
:) Alll of that.. is the things that happened between of us. It begin with a normal metion tweet on twitter.. From that i have a lot of dare to talk with him on tweet. His friend feel so weird that suddenly we being close with each other.. haha

Semalam 15 July in Holland... 16 July in Malaysia ..One of the sweet with this abg.. Omg..Never been expected that we are going to talk each other via on a PIECE OF PAPER! hahahahahahahahahahahahah...

He wrote " Sayang Amani" Me was like omg.. sooo speechless :')

Abang thankyou for all the sweet moment that happened since that we being a friend .. and then become a siblings...and thankyou thankyou thankyou cuz accept me as your little sister.. that thing i had never been expected...

And im so glad that you wanna wrote all the improtant date on your note book. ^^ Haha

Sayanggggggggggggggggggggggggg Abang ~ ^^ 

10 Things About Abg E :

  1. Friendly
  2. Good looking 
  3. Caring , penyayang , memahami 
  4. Seorang yg sgt ambil berat about his friends and siblings ( what i think)
  5. Sangat tegas pde sesuatu kerja yang dia buat.
  6. Garangggggggggg "bertempat" ( Especially dgn staff dia :o )
  7. Penyegan and pendiam dgn org yg dia ta kenal.
  8. Sporting !
  9. Suke unmensi orang dkt twitter :P 

# Sila jangan kembang ok :P Hahahahah

Ok smpai disini sje.. i have an appointment with that abng right at Skype right now .. BYeeeeeee :P Hahahahahah

Betambah bilangan

Hye assalamualaikum ! Wahh dah lama saya ta update blog.. Rindunyaaa dkt blog ni..

Hehe tetibe semangat sgt na update blog..blogskin pon dah tuka..nampak makin comel kan? #Perasan

Sayaa ada cerita ni .. sye update blog pon sbb sye rasa sye nak sgt ckp psl seseorang ni..heheh

Haaa kak syida unmensi saya ckp..suruh bgtau psl kwn bru dia.. Hahaha.. Ok sye bgtau :)

Nama dia .. Hmm mane bole gitau ! Tapi dkt sini saya mensi dia as Mr E ok? :) (Hihi kena rahsia sikit psl dia)
Ok saya kenal dia dri pon sbb dia kwn seseorang.. hehe sye dh la usha dia kt fb :P Kahkahkahkahkah
Ntah mcm day ni tergerak hati na follow dia kt twitter.. Ok la dh follow then dia follow balik..
Macam gugur jantung jer dia follow balik..yer laaa dia tuh kwn si tettt :P terkejut .. hahaha :P

Saya na tegur dia..tapi sye takut..sye takut ta dilayan..yer la sye rasa dia jenis na kwn dgn org yg dipena jmpe ..sbb tuh la...then tiba2.. sye tweet...

" Lepas satu..satu masalah datang.."

Then sye check mensi..sye dia tweet sye laaa..haha start from that..sye mcm dh brani la na tegur dia.. then dia ada buat statement ape ntah..then sye mcm ape lagiii trus tegur dia..hahahaah

start from that jgk la sye rajin tweet dgn dia bagai..haha lps tweet punya tweet..-,- sye rasa mcm..ohmyy dia tahu psl sye dri si tettt tuh..sye igt dia ta kenal..mula2 igt dia stalker tpi ta pon..hahahahahhaahah

Lps tuh sye kenal dgn dia lebih rapat bagai..hehe

Bgi saya..dia sgt frenly..and sgt memahami.. and caring sgt :) Dia sgt garang..tpi garang bertempat.dia tegas klu na kerja dgn dia..kena disiplin sikit..jgn na main2.. :) And sye ta thu napa..sye bole bgtau secret sye dkt dia..sbbnya sye ni ssh na gitau rahsia2 sye..hanya Kak Syida , Kak Lynn and Rizal jer tahu semuanya :') tpi actually kak syidaaaa yg plg bnyk tahu :P hahaha

Sye accept dia as a abg dlm hidup sye..  :) tq abg E for all of this :) Sng sgt berkawan dgn abg E..

Hmm sye ade ckp yg dia "kwn bru" kak syida kan? haha sye kenal dia dulu.. Mr E ade ckp..dia na follow and add kak syida..tapi dia segan..then sye suruh la kak syida..kak syida pon tak nak..dua2 segan..hahahah

Last2 Mr E yg follow kak syida..kak syida tros "ohmyy dia follow akk sbb tett suruh stalk ke hape?" hahahahahaaah! Abg E.. kan amani dh ckp dia akn ckp cm tuh betul tak? Hahaha

Dua2 segan..lama2 rancak unmensi dgn masing2..hahah sweet :) Dh la stu geng nan akk sye .. mkn choc -,- eeeee stress asyik2 choc choc choc choc..hahaha

To Mr E..welcome to our family member ^^ Hope one day ite bole jmpe ramai2 k? :)
Hanya saya , kak syida and Rizal jer tahu siapa dia sebenarnya :)
Again Tq :)